Who the f*ck wants to bother with art during times like this?! I am always fascinated by the hand paintings at Cueva de las Manos. It is incredible to think that 13,000 years ago people in these caves, who?s lives were much more challenging than our own ( avoiding ?Nasty, brutish and short? @thatchrisryan … read his excellent book Civilized to Death) took the time to express themselves through the medium of art. Why did they do it? Essentially I feel creative expression and appreciation is core to our survival and key to what makes us human. So I find myself looking at this image and garner comfort from the fact there?s more to life than stock piling toilet roll and baked beans. Use the time self isolation gives you wisely and seek out that which gives you joy; connection, expression and creation. Or at least if you run out off loo roll, there?s always the pages of newspaper with Trumps or Johnson?s face on to wipe your arse with. #civilizedtodeath #thatchrisryan #toiletrollstockpiling #wheresthecanopener #art

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?Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.? This quote has been attributed to many people including Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, to a variety of religious authors and self help gurus…. so it must have an element of truth to it. Flicking through my digital e- book of ?new works? attests to the fact you can rack up a lot of finished paintings in ten years. C word friendly for all those cosy nights in self isolating… Link to the book below issuu.com/fletchersibthorp/docs/issuu_-_fs_selected_artworks_book_2 #fletchersibthorp #rvpgallery #cattogallery #artist #artbook #ebook #art? #painting #oilpainting? #contemporaryart #contemporaryrealism? #contemporarypainting #painter? #Fineart? #artgallery? #artstudio? #modernart #realism? #figurativeart #portraiture? #artconsultant #interiordesign #artcollectors fletchersibthorp.com

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What book would you recommend to students as a ?? book for drawing the figure? Recommend in comments! . I?m often asked what books would I recommend for figure drawing. If you?re going to buy one book /magazine I don?t think anything beats the ImagineFX Anatomy Essentials. It?s printed once a year ( each time updated ) and covers many aspects of figure drawing. In an accessible style and format. The magazine is actually for animators and fantasy world artists but the teaching is based on traditional methods from Loomis, Bridgman and I think even some Bargue. I?ve included a link below. I tried to make it an affiliate link with one of the Charities I support called Charity Water. If you do order please go through smile.Amazon so Charity benefits.

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A shout out to @frahmjacket that make, in my humble opinion, the best waxed field jacket out there. It took an age to choose a jacket that didn?t shout ?biker dad? or made me not look like a farmer or about to go out and shoot a brace of pheasants. Attention to detail , a contemporary clean silhouette and beautifully made. There?s also very few companies where not only do you speak directly to the owner but also that owner bends over backwards to help you.

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