As an artist, one of my favourite things is to create prints of my favourite paintings and to see those proudly displayed and enjoyed - it gives me such a buzz. I want to share it with everyone but there is only one original and only one of my wonderful collectors will enjoy it. There’s nothing like an original but my editions are pretty special too.

The printing is top-notch and I go to great lengths to preserve the textures and capture the essence of the original artwork. The archival paper and inks I use are phenomenal at capturing detail and will last a lifetime. To top it all, the whole process from studio to your door is carbon neutral.

I keep my editions below 75 as I feel this is a good balance between accessibility and uniqueness - there are only 75 of these all over the world! To make this a truly global offering, I charge a flat rate of £10 shipping ….no matter where in the world you are…from New York, Australia to Timbuktu it’s a tenner.

I’m so certain you’ll love your print, I offer a 30 day return policy on all prints, no questions asked.