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Over the years I've created books for collectors, galleries and shows. Not only does it give people the idea of the work, its progress and overall feel, it's also good for me to see the work together as a collection. With everyone spending so much time inside, I thought I would offer my book as a high quality download for free to anyone who wants it.

Enjoy the book. I hope it gives a few moments of relaxation, escapism and inspiration.


Fletcher Sibthorp is a contemporary figurative artist whose work infuses technical aspects of traditional oil painting with a modern aesthetic. He has been a professional artist for over thirty years. His work is in many private and corporate collections, including Chase Manhattan Bank, The Royal Ballet and Rank Xerox. He says,

" "I'm fascinated by the figure and placing them in an abstract space and from these simple elements create a narrative. I like to think when people view my work they project onto it their own personal experience and emotions, creating their own story."

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