Fletcher Sibthorp is a contemporary figurative artist whose work infuses technical aspects of traditional oil painting with a modern aesthetic. 

Evolved around the idea of entropy his work is a combination of tactile abstract mark making juxtaposed by more delicate classical realism; weaving a subtle narrative the viewer is drawn into a world that is both haunting and evocative .

" "I'm fascinated by the figure and placing them in an abstract space and from these simple elements create a narrative. I like to think when people view my work they project onto it their own personal experience and emotions, creating their own story."


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What Others Say


I have really enjoyed working with Fletcher on several pieces. He understands the lines the dancer is trying to achieve instinctively. He is able to portray those lines, great physicality and movement in his painting.

I am very proud to have a painting of me by Fletcher Sibthorp hanging at the RBS, White Lodge.

Darcey Bussell OBE 

Dancer and former principal ballerina with the Royal Ballet


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