Create a window for your imagination and escape for a moment from the spreadsheets, dull office documents and conference calls.....


This piece was inspired by a classical pose and Victorian choker, juxtaposed by a cool sixties flower dress worn and owned by an artist friend of mine. I just loved the way the light fell on her shoulder and delicate forms the light conveyed which I tried to capture. This painting was a competition winner at the LARA 14th salon and wasa chosen from over 4000 entries.

Now available as  a free high quality download  to anyone who wants it.

Enjoy the print. I hope it gives a few moments of relaxation, escapism and inspiration.


Fletcher Sibthorp is a contemporary figurative artist whose work infuses technical aspects of traditional oil painting with a modern aesthetic. He has been a professional artist for over thirty years. His work is in many private and corporate collections, including Chase Manhattan Bank, The Royal Ballet and Rank Xerox. He says,

" "I'm fascinated by the figure and placing them in an abstract space and from these simple elements create a narrative. I like to think when people view my work they project onto it their own personal experience and emotions, creating their own story."

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